Plans Change…

Friday, 2.15.19

The weather was nice this morning. The sky was light blue with some clouds, but it was warm, quiet, peaceful, and nice. I did some errands outside, before I returned to shower. I decided not to go to yoga class today because I wanted to do other stuff. At 4 pm, I decided to get ready for walking meetup. But by 5 pm, I looked out the window to noticed very white cloudy skies, like ti is about to rain. I opened my front door to go to my mailbox, and I noticed the ground was wet. It must have rained earlier. It also felt cold and very cloudy, like it is going to rain more soon. So, I just decided not to go to the meetup. I went to the meetup site, and noticed that six people are signed up to go on tonight’s walking meetup. I took my name off the list and wrote a brief message. I didn’t think it would rain this evening because it was nice in the morning.

I have another meetup on Sunday morning. I wonder what the weather is like on Sunday.


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