Idiocracy- Standards?

There was a time one had to successfully complete the syllabus of a grade to be promoted.

One could not leave 1st Grade if they could not read and write at 1st Grade level.  Being left back was not unusual.

The possibility of a child graduating primary school without being able toread and write and do sums was impossible.

That was then.

Today, causing a child to repeat a grade that was not successfully completed is not permitted.

To go to school, to graduate and be unable to read or write is not shocking.

Schools which try to maintain standards, which demand a particular level of achievement before promotion are attacked.

The usual pseudo psychology crap is babbled, and because the population has been dumbed down to such extent, it is accepted, without analysis.

What is the purpose of education if it is not dispensed?   How does one push a child who has not gained 1st grade information into 2nd then 3rd?

This is to underline that schools have become storage facilities for children.  They are stored in school buildings from Monday to Friday at set times, to allow the parents to work.

Whether the children learn or not, doesn’t matter.

As long as children fill the seats and are reasonably behaved, they will go grade to grade as illiterate as when they entered.


What do you think?


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