Idiocracy- Required Viewing

In 2006 an American Sci Fi comedy called ‘Idiocracy‘ was presented.

It  tells the story of two people who take part in a top-secret military experiment on human hibernation.  Due to a glitch,  the participants were abandoned and woke up five hundred years later in a society of idiots.

The route from the average mentality to the idiot was that the most intelligent people failed to have children, the stupidest bred like rabbits.  Education had to be dumbed down for this population.

After five hundred years the  human population has become morbidly stupid, speaks only low registers of English competently, and  is profoundly anti-intellectual.

Viewing the movie one is struck by today’s realities.

The limited ability to think, to communicate, and the fear of knowledge.

When looking at various events, for example, the Trade War or the breaking of Treaties, those who have fully operational brains are astounded that the consequences of such actions seem unknown to those who made the decisions.

The repercussions of actions, considered before decisions are totally absent from today’s American Administration.

What the writers of Idiocracy thought would take 500 years has taken  just over 10.


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