Idiocracy…permanent child

Parents talk about the dangers of the Internet.   How they have to block sites to protect their children.

This is because their children are too stupid to disconnect from the Internet, to close the site, to refuse to respond, even to call;  “Mama! Look Dirty Man!”

Children have, all through history, encountered predators.  Those who have been raised to make decisions will run or scream to avoid the danger.  Those who are mindless, won’t even know that this is a predator.

These  mindless children need to be constantly supervised by parents, who  themselves do not possess the ability to think.

The  children, raised to be children,  often wear diapers to kindergarten.   They feel no embarrassment defecating in their pants.  They are infants, raised to be helpless infants, easy to  deceive, to lead, to exploit.

There  are adults today, parents themselves, who do not have the  confidence of an eight  year old growing up in the 1960s.  That eight year old walked to  school, crossed streets, went into shops, on his or her own.

Those  eight year olds knew not to talk to strangers, or take lifts, and anything a bit freaky, and they were gone.

In those    ancient days, people lived in the now so were alert to their    surroundings, to the people around them, unlike today, were eighteen year olds are virtual infants, who have never been anywhere or done anything on their own.

As   pathetic as are those who were born in the 70s and 80s,  those born in the 21st Century are helpless, mindless creatures.

What do you think?

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