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Glog, the most beautiful plant of the world

Medicinal herbs are not an alternative – it’s health and medicine! Medicinal herbs have been with us since there is a human race and serve as the basis for many medicines. For every disease, there is a cure in nature, just need to find it.It is a gift of nature and a compulsory component of a healthy diet and a healthy life.

These are deciduous shrubs of medium size, sometimes even less wood, in favorable conditions up to 12 m high. The hawthorn tree is hard and tough. The crust is smooth, greyish-colored, with branches on which the thorns are arranged. What is most important are leaves and flowers: white or pink. The leaves are triangular and pectoral, on the underside are bright, bluish-green, and on the upper side are dark green and shiny. In the case of white hare the pigs are red, the flower looks lighter than the red hare. The fruits are red in color and I take it when it comes in late, in the late summer. Flowers with flower stems, leaves and fruits without a stalk are collected for the medicine. Flowers and leaves are harvested in the spring. Leaves are harvested after flowering. Glog contains: flavonoids (hyperoside and vitexin), phenolcarboxylic acids and triterpenic acids, amines, xanthines.

Honey tea is best known for its medical uses and primarily for cardiovascular health. Active compounds are derived from leaves, flowers and fruits, which have an unpleasant smell and slightly bitter taste. Throughout history, many cultures have recognized the healing properties of heartburn, including the ancient Greeks and Indians.The legend says that from this bush, Christ’s crown was made of thorns. There are many other beliefs, even myths like that of vampires.

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