Does your life make sense or you quit on the explanation?

We know that the life and reality itself makes a little to no sense and that what we can experience with our senses is a very limited set of information – very little in comparison with the animals, the technology we use and minuscule in comparison what the scientist assumes the reality is made of.

It is said that in the beginning, the very start of everything in existence, the Universe itself was formed and made from the energy only. But, the energy is not only what we can see, touch, or feel  – there are many forms of energy we are completely unaware of.

After that very beginning for some reason, the energy turned matter – or what we consider the matter – but is it that thing we called the material world, the only material world or we just happen to flux with it and we are just compatible with it, and the reality of the things is completely different?

Is it all energy? Or is it all matter? And how does it relates to each other, if there is any connection at all? Or we just imagined everything and we are just a piece of code or long-forgotten play inside of a game – some simulated purpose nobody truly understands anymore.

It is said that when people evolve enough and become more enlightened, things are going to get more real, or that we will understand more. Again, who or what decides when that level of proficiency is reached? Do we get extra points if we get there sooner? Are we competing with some other race or species in the Universe who is on a similar quest?

Those are all the questions we have no answer for, but even if we had the answer, would the realization of some ambiguous fact be of any relevance to us at all?


What do you think?

Written by agate

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