Celestite is a remarkable crystal for mental activity…

Transparent grayish crystals of celestial from Madagascar. Category, Sulphate minerals

· Chemical formula · SrSO4 sometimes contains some calcium and / or barium.

Identification. Color, transparent, white, light blue, pink, pale green, light brown, black.

It is intended for the production of elixirs, crystallotherapy, for Feng Shui energy purification of offices, offices, residential and office spaces or for filling other crystals. In addition, it is a beautiful natural decoration for all interiors.Celestit is an excellent healing stone for the eyes, hearing, and mental dysfunction. Eliminates toxins and digestive disorders. In healing, he replaces pain with the loving light of angels. Attracts happiness, reveals the truth, brings balance, there are peace energies.Except in blue color celestit comes in a colorless variant in yellowish tones or reddish, green and brown shades. Crystals are banners or semi-transparent, glass, greasy shades.His findings are in Ohio, Michigan, Madagascar, Sicily, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Iran.

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Celestit is also known by the name celestin and both are derived from the Latin word caelestis meaning celestial, due to its extraordinary sky blue color. Celestit is the favorite stone of mineral collectors. Its heavenly blue color is very beautiful and unique in the mineral kingdom. It is used in the production of caustic soda and glazes for ceramics. It is also used for the preparation of strontium nitrates for making fireworks, as well as for strontium salts used in the process of refining sugar beets. Celestite is also used as a source of strontium carbonate that is added to the television glass to absorb radiation, improving image quality. Celestit is a creative stone. It has a soothing effect. It sharpens the mind, raises the worries, squeezes the mental chaos. Celestite is a remarkable crystal for mental activity. Balancing yin and yang energy in the man’s energy field. This is generally a stone of equilibrium.


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