American couple married at the airport during ‘Hurricane Michael Storm’

In natural disasters such as Hurricane and Storm, where people are engaged in saving their lives and wealth, there was an American couple who was just worried about their marriage.

In Florida Jim and Lauri Berry had already fix a marriage date, however, due to storm Michael coming last week, all the court houses closed. Jim and Berry had finished preparing Honeymoon before the wedding, because of which both of them were worried how would they go to honeymoon if they did not get married.

In this situation the couple contacted the woman’s marriage officer in the court house and requested her to come to the airport, which she accepted, and on the fixed time, both married to each other in Jacksonville International Airport and from here take the flight for 10-days Honey Moon to Italy.

In the Storm, the U.S. state has suffered severe disaster in the northern parts of Florida, resulting in more than 25 people dead.


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