Why tubular battery price is worth the investment

Having an inverter alone is not enough to guarantee reliable electricity during a power blackout. An inverter can only convert stored electricity into usable form. It does not store any electricity within itself. For this, you need a battery. Inverter batteries can be broadly classified as flat plat batteries and tubular batteries. The latter is often preferred by budget shoppers since tubular battery price is higher than that of a flat plate battery. But, this may not always be the best choice. Here are a few reasons why tubular batteries are worth investing in.

It works with all types of inverters

Inverters vary not only in terms of their capacity but also on the basis of where they source their energy from. Tubular batteries can be connected to both conventional inverters that get charged by the main power grid as well as solar inverters that charge by harnessing solar energy.

They have a longer lifespan

The higher the tubular battery price, the longer the battery’s lifespan. What’s important to note is that almost all tubular batteries have a longer lifespan than flat plate batteries. Most flat plate batteries have a lifespan of only about 3 years. On the other hand, tubular batteries can provide electricity backup for up to 5 years.

They need fewer top-ups

Whether you choose a flat plate battery or a tubular battery, the battery will need to be topped up with distilled water from time to time. The difference lies in the frequency of these top-ups. Tubular batteries need fewer top ups as compared to flat plate batteries. This is because tubular batteries lose less water while running.

They can power all appliances

Flat plate batteries do not function consistently. Hence, they cannot be used to run high-end appliances. On the other hand, tubular batteries operate reliably and consistently on all occasions. Even at very high temperatures, these batteries will provide an even amount of power. Thus, it is more reliable than a flat plate battery and can be used to power all types of appliances.

Faster Charging

The speed at which a battery charges itself depends largely on the battery capacity. It is also influenced by the structure of the battery and the technology it uses. The design of tubular batteries is such that it can charge much faster than flat plate batteries. They can also retain the charge contained within them for longer periods of time.

Less Maintenance

Tubular batteries are easier to maintain than flat plate batteries. They also require lesser maintenance. This is because the external form of the positively charged plate in a tubular battery allows the electrolyte to move more easily. This lowers the electrolyte stratification risk. As a result of having well-defined pore sizes, tubular batteries also have lower electrical resistance as compared to other types of batteries.

Given their many advantages, the tubular battery price is a worth-while investment. You’ll be assured to not only reliable power back up but also peace of mind.


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Written by Amit Sharma

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