Why Should I Get an HR Certification?

With ever-increasing competition in the current industry, it is highly important for job seekers to have cutting edge skillset. If you’re looking for growth in the present job market, then standing out from the crowd is what will interest potential employers. Regardless of the experience or education, candidates looking to grow in their career need to stay an edge over their peers. The reason why professional certifications took from a credible resource is recommended.

If you’re wondering why one should get an HR certification when he’s already employed. Rightly so, because the present industry has rapidly evolved with newer technologies and innovation that it has now become difficult for employers to keep up with the changes. Moreover, if the candidate does not have skills that the industry is looking for today then this might lead to lay-offs. Hiring a candidate without the right set of skills in today’s era can badly affect the employee as well as the employer. Professional certifications are the best way to convey your skills to recruiters. Doing so gives them an assurance that the candidate belongs to a category of skilled professionals who will make a difference to the organization.

Here’s why HR professionals need to get certified-

  • Increases the possibility for promotion and advancement in career

For such cases, an HR professional can check job portals and research on what job roles will best fit them that will help advance their career. Will the job role require an MBA degree or an HR certification? This gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill and find the perfect job for your future. Also, if you’re looking to upgrade your position in the current organization you’re working at, then checking the specific skillset is suggested. Have your seniors LinkedIn checked, ask them for suggestions and steps needed to be taken next? Once you sense that you’re ready then taking up a certification will help you stand out among your seniors.

  • Professional development

“I’m so busy helping everyone else develop themselves that I don’t have time to develop myself.” A quite common phrase we often hear in the talent and HR industry. The main reason for certification is to validate the skills and knowledge of the individual. The human resources industry has taken quite a leap with newer functions and newer strategies that it can get challenging for a normal HR professional to handle responsibilities. If you looking to set certain goals in your professional career, then an HR certification or global HR certifications might just be perfect for you. Many potential employers from the HR industry value candidates who are certified.

  • Higher salary compensation

Are you looking for a higher salary growth? Well, the only way you can achieve this is by grooming yourself for that management role. Although salary growth depends on many factors but having a span of control is the most important. To get fat paychecks in the HR and talent domain, one needs to meet a certain level of criteria.

  • Gaining credibility

If you’re an early bird getting into the HR industry, then probably taking up a professional certification will provide a leg up. Other cases may include candidates from different background but are looking to get into the HR field, certifications may prove beneficial for those candidates as well.HR certification provides external validation and increases the credibility of the candidate.

  • Increase professionals’ marketability

Considering a change in the human resources and talent management field? Global HR certifications can be an added advantage while hiring. Professional certifications are proof that they have both internal and external skills that the industry is looking to hire for.

Besides certifications, it is mandatory that the candidate adds-on other skill sets such as soft skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and leadership qualities to establish a firm stand in the competitive market.


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Written by Niti Sharma

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