Why is Law a Good Option After Grade 12?

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of the law.” Law, as a career choice or profession, has been in high demand. Due to the changing socio-economic dynamics and the regulatory role of the government being on a constant rise, the need for lawyers is ever increasing. Besides being a lucrative option, Law offers various exciting career and job options.

Moreover, lawyers and law experts are highly valued and held in high esteem in our country, and there is that inherent faith that if everything else falters, you can still trust the legal system. In one’s daily life too, we may come across particular situations where we might need legal advice. In such a case, legal professionals can be a boon, who can examine and interpret Law correctly and guide about the correct path.

After pursuing a law degree, there are several areas of specialisation which you can choose from:

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • International Law
  • Administration Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Patent Law etc.

To meet the rising demand for qualified and professional lawyers and legal experts, there are many premier law colleges and universities that offer integrated law courses to meet the variegated education interests of the youngsters these days. Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law or BBA LLB is one such exclusive integrated law program of a 5-year duration, which is a perfect blend of legal and managerial streams. Pursuing this integrated program enables the students to gain multi-disciplinary knowledge and eventually find career options other than core legal practice. Those who dream of making it big in their career path in Law mostly opt for this program.

What is BBA LLB?

BBA LLB is a 5-year undergraduate degree course divided into ten semesters. It is an amalgamation of business, management, and law studies. Law is a stream of classified rules and regulations as per which a particular country or society is governed. Business is defined as the trading of any goods and services between two parties, countries, or regions. The business subjects included in BBA LLB are principles of management, computer application, financial accounting, and effective communication. In the law stream, students are taught subjects like Property Law, Constitutional Law, the Law of Torts, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Company Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Legal Language, and Constitutional Law. BBA LLB Hons at BML Munjal University is a specialised law course which enables students to learn and master both business law and legislative regulations and is preferred by business and management students. If you want to know the semester-wise course, check the BBA LLB syllabus at BML Munjal University website.

BBA LLB Specialisation

You can opt from various specialisations in BBA LLB such as:

  • Company Law: Company Law is legislation which deals with the creation, operation, and governance of companies and the related rules, regulations, practices, and Law.
  • Business Law: This Law is also termed as Mercantile Law, and its study relates to various laws that facilitate and govern all the deal between multiple parties, commercial firms, or companies.
  • Corporate Law: This Law incorporates the study of rules and regulations governing the structure and functioning of corporate organisations. It also deals with establishing, owning, running, and managing an organisation.
  • Criminal Law: This one is quite a popular law specialisation. It deals with crime and prescribes the rules and regulations and conduct perceived as threatening, harmful, or in any way endangering to the property, health, overall safety, and moral welfare of people.

Jobs after BBA LLB Degree

After completing a BBA LLB degree course, students have ample employment opportunities in the fields of administration, management, planning, banking, and other sectors in addition to the legal and judiciary professions. This course also trains the students with the essential knowledge of the diverse subjects and helps them to handle any situations efficiently. Companies and businesses are often in need of legal services, and if you are skilled in both business and Law, then you can surely gain extra mileage and benefits.

Government Jobs for BBA LLB Graduates

There is an array of career options for students in the public sector. Some of the top job opportunities in the public sector are:

  • Government Attorney
  • Labour law Compliance Officer
  • Law Professor
  • Banking Ombudsmen
  • Trademark and copyright attorney
  • Research Assistant
  • Labour Officer
  • Assistant Magistrate
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor

Private Jobs Opportunity

Job opportunities for BBA LLB graduates in the private sector include:

  • Advocate/Lawyer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Legal Advisor
  • Attorney General
  • Finance Manager
  • Management Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Law Officer and Management Accountants
  • Law Reporter
  • Notary
  • Legal Advisor cum Human Resource Manager

Scope in India

Over the past years, law education in India has seen a considerable evolution. Consequently, professional degree courses like BA LLB have gained popularity as an improvised version of legal education. This degree course can give the best kick-start to your professional life if you want to grow and make your career in Corporate Law. BBA LLB’s curriculum is designed with ample exposure to corporate Law and therefore, students who wish to work in multinational organisations and corporates can do well with that knowledge.

So, if you are planning to begin your career in the legal fraternity, then pursuing BBA LLB is a better choice than opting for LLB as it doubles merely up the career choices and opportunities for you. Yes, it’s an additional investment of two more years, but you would gain a rewarding career for your lifetime. So, go for admission in a premier law college like BML Munjal University if you are keen to study Law.


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