What to look for when selecting a Body Corporate Management Company

As the strata community slowly grows within the country, several body corporate management companies keep coming up. And selecting the best from the pool of available management companies can be very frustrating. Especially finding the criteria to use in choosing the best body corporate, depending on its services. Not forgetting different states have different legislation and compliance issues that could affect the body corporate you get. 

Below are some of the factors we think you should generally consider when selecting a body corporate management company.

  1. The level of experience they have

A strata management company with several years of experience should be a favourable choice. It shows that they have been in the industry for a while and acquired the need skills and ability to handle different strata communities. Different corporations plus owners are different, but after dealing with various people over the years, they give them the needed skills to manage your property efficiently and professionally.

  1. Their qualifications are also important.

After having a good number of years’ experience, then next is checking their qualifications. Good qualification and experience make up a great strata manager for your property. To ensure you choose the right manager, ask questions and see if they are as knowledgeable as they perceive. Ensure that they have the relevant information needed for commercial and residential properties, finance, commerce, liability, planning and leasing, as these are vital within a strata community.

  1. The service levels offered

When getting into an agreement with a service provider, you need to understand the service levels they offer, as this helps in ensuring they are accountable for the agreed services. The levels they offer are negotiated; some of the common service levels you should expect to get from a strata manager are as follows.

  • They should be able to respond to maintenance requests promptly.
  • The common area within your property should be kept clean and tidy.
  • Insurance policies should be renewed on time.
  • Sharing relevant information and liaising with the owners professionally.
  • They should also be attending the meetings that are held by the council and owners.
  1. Good reporting skills

To ensure you are make informed decisions on time, you need to receive well-updated reports. Therefore, ensure you discuss the reporting capabilities that the management company has. Because with well-compiled reports, you can understand the information presented, identify the trends, do a proper analysis, and hold discussions with the key stakeholders within the community adequately.

  1. Set clear expectations

To ensure your relationship runs smoothly, try and set clear expectations as this gives certainty of what is expected through the term of the agreement. It will help in reducing any unnecessary arguments on the service you expect. Take the needed time to discuss what you expect properly. Also, better understand what they can offer, because you might ask for more than they can provide, but with proper discussion, both parties can clearly understand what to expect. 


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