What schools are doing to cut down vape by students

Vaping is highly rampant among schools’ students today. There are several reasons why this may be obtainable, and this is ranging from the need to need to feel among to the need to do what others are doing to the need to do what is trending.

Although buying e-cigarette is illegal for people under 18, some states have even gone ahead to increase the age to 21, some students still have direct access to it online or even buy from an older friend, neighbor or colleague.

The fact that vapes can be disguised to look like other devices makes it very easy for students to take vapes to school and it will not be discovered. It’s even more difficult to know when someone is vaping because it doesn’t smell bad so it’s not something that the nose will pick and one will be able to trace it.

While vaping is very hard to discover except it being done in public, vaping maybe an access point to real-time smoking a cigarette and that’s why schools are all out against it. These have pushed many schools to take several steps and decisions, these includes:

  1.    The use of technology:   A lot of schools now use technology to curtail vaping. They set up the devices use to discover vaping in areas where cameras are not allowed, e.g., locker room and bathroom. This sensor will detect when vape is being used and send a signal to the school administrator or whoever is in charge of it. That person now traces where the alarm is sent from to see who is vaping. One of such sensors is “Fly sense.”
  2.    Banning of USB thumb drive: The way some vapes are designed, you may have found it hard to differentiate between a vape and a USB drive. In other to be sure that this is well monitored, some schools have gone ahead to place a ban of the use of USB Thumb drive in the school.
  3.    Teacher Training: Some schools have also taken it further to get enough training for there teachers so that they may be able to identify a student that does vamp. They are being taught signs that people that vape does and they are being taught on how to help such students overcome it.
  4.    VAPING 101: This is another method that schools are now taking that may be a mile achievement if it turns out well. They have found a way of turning vamping into a course and including it in school curriculum such that every student gets to do the course. The basis of the course is to teach the student about the effect of vaping and about how even though vaping taste sweets it contains chemicals that are harmful to the body and may end up hurting them.
  5.    Peer to Peer Education: in every school and society, there are few young chaps that other children look up to for inspiration. Schools now engage such youths in teaching others that vaping is bad and can have an adverse effect on their health.

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