What Can be Taken with Rubbish Pick Up in Sydney?

Whether a person is moving into a new apartment with a real estate, a family is organising a big household clean up or a homeowner is renovating their house, it will produce large amounts of rubbish that will be collected and disposed of. But when it comes to organising hard rubbish pick up in Sydney with a waste removal company, what trash items can be taken and what happens to it once collected?

This blog will explain what types of rubbish can be taken and how it is disposed of:

If the rubbish can be reused

Just because an item is old or unwanted, doesn’t mean it will be disposed of in a landfill. There is quite a lot of rubbish items that can be reused. This can include toys that are no longer suitable for a child who has outgrown them, old mattresses that are old but still useable, clothes that are no longer the right size or style, and more.

A common example is also furniture such as tables, desks, and chairs that may be slightly broken or chipped yet are still useable. These waste items are typically donated to local charities and shelters in the area for less-fortunate people who may have fallen on hard times.

If the rubbish can be stripped for parts

Generally, most e-waste items can be stripped down for parts in order to make new products from those existing parts. This can include broken computers, old TVs, no longer working printers, washing machines, dryers and more. This electronic waste is salvaged and stripped for parts such as metals, gold, and other materials. It can’t be disposed of in a landfill due to also containing toxic materials such as cadmium and lead which harms the environment if sent to a landfill.

If the rubbish can be recycled

Many rubbish items can be recycled into new products and can be disposed of by rubbish removal companies. These items can include paper, cardboard, glass from bottles or panels, plastic items, metal baking trays, tin cans and more. Unlike general roadside rubbish collection, rubbish removal companies collect these types of waste on a larger scale. They then transport all the waste to various recycling centres and depots.

If the rubbish is natural

Natural or biodegradable rubbish is considered as ‘green waste’. This includes trash such as piles of leaves, clippings from cut grass, large tree branches, dead plants and flowers, wood from various items such as broken fencing and more. This type of rubbish is collected and then transported to recycling centres where it is sorted through and separated so it can be composted.


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Written by Marta Jordan

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