What are the best careers for travel fanatics?

If you love traveling, you’ll know just how important it is that you get your fix as often as possible. From heading off on vacation once or twice a year to ensuring that you make the most of any business travel opportunities that come your way, there are plenty of ways to do this. Some people, though, even choose to structure their entire careers around the opportunities they offer for travel. This post will explore some of the main options available when it comes to traveling and working.

Airline staff

One of the major perks of working on an airline, either as a crew member or an officer, is that you get to see parts of the world that you may otherwise never have visited if it wasn’t for your job. Whether you take a job on a regional airline and fly to nearby nations, or you see more exotic parts of the world by signing up for long-haul flights, there may well be an opportunity to structure your shifts in such a way that you can take a quick break while you’re in between work gigs. As an airline pilot on some major carriers, meanwhile, you may find that you’re able to take your family along with you on some of your travels through a complimentary ticket scheme – so your loved ones can also benefit from your travel-based occupation.

Armed forces officer

Those who serve their country in the armed forces often find themselves being deployed abroad – often to interesting and unusual places. While it does come with risks (especially if the deployment is to a location that is dangerous due to war or other problems), these are often outweighed by the sense of camaraderie that you experience and the chance to discover a new culture. As Mark Green found when he was on service in Iraq on the night of Saddam Hussein’s capture, it’s entirely possible that you will become a part of a significant moment in history.

Sales representative

The job of a sales representative is to go from place to place selling goods on behalf of a company. Whether it’s pharmaceutical products that you need to sell to medical organizations or simply a door-to-door consumer sales role that you choose to fill, there’s always an opportunity in this dynamic sector – and it will also often require travel of some sort. Be warned, however: the travel involved in this sort of job often tends to be a little more domestic in nature, and you may find yourself traveling around your state or region rather than going abroad!

Foreign correspondent

If you’re an avid reader or watcher of the news, then you’ll know that some of the most coveted jobs in the media are those that include a foreign placement. Whether it’s reporting from outside Buckingham Palace in London or visiting the sites of famines and natural disasters in places all over the world, there are lots of travel opportunities in this field for the right people. This sort of job is ideal for people who want to do something good with their international travel: by using your writing or listening skills to craft informative and interesting stories, you’ll be helping contribute to a more well-informed society.

Multinational manager

If you’ve exhausted all of your other options and you can’t find a travel-heavy job that suits your requirements, it may simply be worth climbing the career ladder in your chosen company and aiming for high-level managerial positions. If your firm operates in a wide range of countries, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to visit offices in other places on the company dime once you’ve scaled the career ladder. Although this might mean waiting a few more years, it also means that once you get there, you can enjoy international travel in luxury and comfort.

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures that the modern world can offer, and luckily there are plenty of ways that you can create trips of a lifetime, no matter what your circumstances might be. However, if you’re looking to change jobs, it may well be the case that you can swap out of your current role and into one that offers the chance to hit the road. From working as a sales representative to getting a job on an airline, there are lots of ways that you can take your career to the next level while also satisfying your urge to travel the world.


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