Watch out! 4 office injuries all employees should be wary of

When we think about accidents at work, it’s easy to imagine people tripping over boxes in a warehouse, or construction workers falling from scaffolding. Electricians getting electrocuted, workmen getting hurt by gigantic machinery – the list goes on. With the magnitude and risk of death that we associate with certain vocations, it’s hard to imagine that office workers have anything to worry about. 

However, the risk of office workers getting injured at work is just as likely, with potential injuries ranging from minor, serious and even life-changing. How long do you have to report an injury at work? Click the link to find out. Sadly, like most injuries in the workplace they can be easily avoided, and if employers and employees remain vigilant, arrange and participate in regular training, as well as provide and utilise safety equipment, incidents at work are less likely. 

Here we’ll take a look at office injuries all employees should be wary of.

Trips and falls

Is there anything more embarrassing than tripping and falling over in the office. All eyes on you is excruciating. However, if you fall badly, then it won’t just be your ego that’s bruised. Injuries such as broken bones, sprains, soft tissue damage and back injuries can leave victims debilitated and unable to work for months. Office works should look out for: 

  • Loose cables along the floor
  • Bags and clutter in walkways and around desks
  • Spillages in kitchens and wet floors in bathrooms
  • Loose carpets and unsafe tiles

Lifting heavy objects

Sometimes office workers are required to lift heavy objects as part of admin tasks or even whilst moving desks and relocating to other areas of the office. Sometimes even lifting boxes of files or moving paperwork can trigger painful back or neck injuries, leaving victims in a huge amount of pain. As a rule, employees should be taught correct lifting techniques to keep them safe.

Falling objects

Think about injuries from falling objects and it’s easy to imagine construction workers or those who work in warehouses and factories. But office workers are also at risk. Boxes falling from shelves, storage units collapsing due to too much weight, and objects that have been piled too high. Head injuries are likely for anyone who is hit by a falling object.

Desk problems

Repetitive strain injuries, neck pain, back issues and even migraines and headaches. All these injuries are debilitating and can make working incredibly difficult. However, these can be avoided if employees are supported ergonomically at their desks and take regular breaks.

Final thoughts

If you’re injured at work, it’s important to let your employer know as soon as possible. If you’re not aware of your worker’s compensation rights, reach out to your employer. 


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