Types of content writers- Whom should you choose?

Online is where brand marketing is happening these days. If you have a website, then you may want to add promotional content or a blog section to it. In such a case, you can choose to write yourself or hire a professional who specializes in the type of content you want to be written. There are various types of writers who specialize in different writing styles such as academic essay writers and technical writers to name a few.

Types of writers

Loosely speaking, any writing found on the net is called content writing. However, content writing is an umbrella, and specialist content writers cater to specific types of content writing. Mentioned below are a few of the in-demand content writer types.

1. SEO copywriter

SEO copywriters are usually jacks-of-all trades. They are an excellent choice for bulk work with low awareness level content, which does not call for considerable expertise. The skill set is widely available, and one can hire an SEO writer for a relatively cheaper rate compared to subject matter specialists.

SEO copywriters are skilled at integrating target keywords and phrases into web content. It helps maximize organic search benefits and negate penalties. Naturally, SEO writers are the preferred choice for websites that want to rank higher on search engines and generate traffic.

2. Subject matter expert

A subject matter expert is self-explanatory. Such a writer has in-depth knowledge of a specific industry and can write legitimately and with authority about a subject. Such writers are rare to find and are in high demand. Hence, they charge higher rates than generalists or some other types of writers.

A subject matter expert is a go-to writer if you have a well-defined project with clearly defined objectives. They are worth the money because they can save you time on briefing and can cater to niche subjects. They are prolific writers and write upon subjects which generalists cannot. Subject matter experts can add their own fresh take and insight on topics and may suggest topic ideas you might not have considered.

Subject matter experts are preferred for deep level content such as:

  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Link-generating content
  • Detailed how-to guides
  • Period special content series
  • Executive briefs
  • Pillar blog posts or articles

Academic essay writer

An academic essay writer specializes in writing a solid, debatable thesis that is supported by relevant evidence. They are great researchers and are skilled at writing coherent essays for college students. They are well averse with the standard set of guidelines for research and writing principles. Hence, they create valuable, persuasive essays even under a time crunch.

Technical writer

If the need of the hour is highly technical content, then hiring a technical writer seems like an obvious choice. Technical writers have unique skills and can simplify highly complex concepts making them easy to understand.

Technical writers are wizards at sequential thinking, working on instruction-oriented materials according to client specifications. Great technical writers are meticulous, methodical, and have an eye for detail. However, they balance such technicalities with the needs of a non-technical audience.

There are various other types of writers, such as social media writers, influencers, advertising copywriters, and grant writers, among others. So, what are your brand’s mission and story? Choose the right type of writer to meet your specific needs effectively.


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Written by Bharat Rawat

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