Trends in the Development of Poetry in the 21st Century

Poetry has over the years evolved into more admirable versions than we have had in the past. However, with the advent of technology and the internet, it is not yet clear where we are headed. Some claim that poetry has been robbed of its joy. The creativity that was applied for in crafting works before the 21stcentury seems to have been washed down the drain. Everything seems to be drawn from hallow grounds. All that most people are doing is transcribing audios into texts leading to a duplication of the content that already exists in different formats.

The biggest concerns are the lack of effort in producing more improved content that has already been published. Essay writers from claimed, that poetry just like in other disciplines has been reduced to a work of copying and pasting directly from the internet. What is being done today is a reframing of poetry works that risk the quality of the works being produced these days. Notions of writers and poets are slowly being buried by the dwindling creativity among people who are not willing to pump in fresh ideas in poetry.

PoetryWorks of the 21stCentury 

Technology is a blessing but can be a curse when not used in the right way. Texts are somewhat becoming nameless and authorless and concerns about the effect of machines in this sphere continue to be the subject of the day. Apparently, machines will write poetry for machines hence reducing it to a mere code. Those who emerged from the challenges of the preceding centuries are raising valid concerns about the same.

There seems to be a disconnect between the use of language and communication through compound words in an effort to express human emotions. There still are questions of whether stories must be told entirely as narratives to pass on its message or poetry should be enhanced to convey it. The questions being brought about in this century are different from what we have seen in the past. Publishing poetry works online hasn’t been without challenges – loss of authorship through replication has been the biggest challenge for many poets.

Poetry in the 21stcentury is somewhat being compared to memes that despite spreading quickly over the internet, their authorship still remains unknown. Many people seem to reuse the same content over and over again presenting high chances of distorting the true identity of the original masterpiece. This changes the entire landscape forcing poets to go beyond their mandate to create programs to address practices in poetry.

Poetry written by machines for machines is the feel in this 21stcentury and beyond. Current modern poetry trends have come up with thematic concerns of love, life, and death. Not that they never existed but have now been reinvented to create awareness to interested students and teachers about prophetic messages,well-packed in poetry to create order everywhere. The focus stemming from old literature such as Greek poetry seeks to show that the old poetic convention is now being recast.

The framework from which modern poetry concepts are drawn from is backed up by a mix of both urban and rural settings. The methodology is applied in poetry research is a qualitative research on concepts and words. All this is being achieved through paradoxical verses, symbols, and images.

Final thoughts 

Through the use of verses, images, and symbols, the 21stcentury has developed new concepts of love, life and death. In what seems to be like a new version of the old, this poetry concept endeavors to show these themes relate. Matters of authorship may prove to be a challenge with many writers reviewing poetry works over and over again but they have all through new meaning and development in different aspects.


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Written by Sebastian Miller

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