Top 5 Restaurant Reservation Websites to Book a Table in the UK

Going out for a meal can become troublesome if you have to wait in the long queue outside your favourite restaurant. That is why reserving a table at a restaurant is becoming increasingly popular. To make this job easier, start-ups have come up with websites for selecting and booking a table online at your favourite restaurant. You can now book a table at your convenience with just a few clicks. How? Let’s find out.

Listed below are the top five restaurants booking websites you can choose from, to reserve your table.

The name says it all. You can log in to and book your desired table. This website has organically listed restaurants based on reviews from customers who have visited the eatery before. The list of eateries keeps changing as more and more restaurants are added to it.

Favouritetable allows you to sort restaurants based on cuisine, location, friendliness of the staff, ambiance, and much more. You can check-in on all these factors before making your reservation. If you already have a restaurant in your mind, you can simply search for it and book a table. The unique part about this website is that it can sort food based on allergens. So, if you are allergic to anything, Favouritetable will advise you on the food that is suitable for you at any given eatery. It is one of the best websites for reserving your favorite table.

This one is yet another website that allows you a hassle-free way to reserve your table at a restaurant. Opentable offers a range of restaurants that you can choose from and book a table at your fingertips. They even send you an email confirmation to ensure that the table is reserved for you.

Opentable has a dinning points system. Customers can collect these points with every reservation they make using Opentable. Once a specific amount is received, customers can then redeem it for a free meal at a selected restaurant. Thus, Opentable is encouraging more food-lovers to reserve their table in advance.

A quick and easy way to book your table is with Bookatable. This restaurant provides with eateries ranging from pubs to Michelin star restaurants. You can check the cuisine, the service provided, the price range, and more before reserving your table. With constant upgrades to its website, Bookatable is efficiently handling bookings for its valued customers and giving them a complete dining experience.

Bookatable aims at making it extremely easy for customers to visit their favorite restaurant without having to linger outside. Customers can even make real-time reservations with this website. You can discover new restaurants and fall in love with some fantastic cuisine by reserving with Bookatable.

Bringing diners to their favorite restaurants, that’s what Quandoo’s aims to do. Quandoo helps its customers to select the right restaurant and book a table with ease. They even give some exclusive offers and discounts to their regular customers.

Quandoo was started in 2012, and since its establishment, it has only grown popular among diners. This website ensures that customers have a satisfying experience at every restaurant they visit. They also encourage their users to provide feedback on improving services. An excellent way to make sure you have a splendid meal is by booking a table with Quandoo.

Resdiary was started by a former restaurant owner who realized the importance of getting online bookings early-on. Hence, for the convenience of other restaurant owners and diners, he created a website for the ease of booking.

This website helps restaurants in managing their reservations smoothly and conveniently. Diners can book a table by searching for it and be seated without any waiting time. Resdiary continuously strives to add more options to their booking experience. One such option is pre-orders, where users can pre-order their meals while reserving the table.


Restaurants started taking reservations to multiply their table turnover and also to cut short the waiting period for their regular customers. For customers, this became a great option as that no longer had to waste time in a line of other diners. Now, with the continuous development of internet technology, websites are making is far easier for a user to enjoy a thoroughly pleasurable dining experience.


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