Top 5 Reasons to Travel in the UK by Car

There is no doubt that the UK is an essential destination on your travel guide. From the breathtaking scenery to the excellent food, there’s no denying that you wouldn’t want to miss this stop. What better way to get it all in than renting a car and taking a self-guided tour? Here are some of the highest attractions to the UK that are definitely better accessed from a Sixt rental car than any other transportation.

1. The Scenery

There is a plethora of lists outlining a hundred different top reasons to visit the UK. Some form of the magnificent scenery makes it onto every single one. The sights range from fairytale villages to fantastic castles, a spectacular coastline to serene pastures sweeping emerald hills, the majesty of mountains to the smooth peace of countless lakes. You can’t fully take that in without your rental car.

2. History

The UK is rich with history as a central figure in the development of western civilization. Driving through the countryside you can see the beautiful castles like Warwick and Leeds and Edinburgh. Make a stop at Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall to appreciate remnants of ancient life. Wherever you go, you won’t stop finding little pockets of history as you drive throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

3. Cities and Culture

From Edinburgh to London, city after city will give the delightful taste of a diversity of art and culture. You can rent a car at a place like Arnold Clark Van rental in Edinburgh and road trip down Britain to see the lovely skylines and historical monuments each city has to offer and also mingle with the delightful people.

4. Food

Another primary attraction in the cities, and in the country pubs, is British food. Make as many stops as you need to be sure you get the full experience. Enjoy a good shepherd’s pie and a full English breakfast in the places of their origin. Not to mention the best pubs in the world; just sit back and enjoy a pale ale and the relaxed company of the friendly folks.

5. Getting Around

With all of these lovely attractions available, transportation is key to making sure you get to enjoy them as much as you can. A car is definitely the best option for the scenery, that way you can view it as you drive along and stop whenever you want to catch a picture or just take it in. When it comes to taking in the history, you’ll miss all the little pieces of history if you’re not personally driving through the country at your own pace. Of course the cities will have the most public transportation, but renting a car is likely to give you the most personal freedom to get around where you want to go and enjoy the culture, art, and food.

To conclude, the top five reasons you should travel the UK by car is to enjoy the scenery, the history, the cities, the food, and freedom of unlimited travel throughout the beautiful British Isle!


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