Tools SEO Services in Delhi Use to Detect Content Duplicity

Plagiarized content is the biggest flaw of any website and must be avoided under any circumstance. As a digital marketing agency, SEO services are expected to ensure that the website they are working on contains original content, otherwise, search engines will penalize it. Unfortunately, this penalty can defeat the purpose of setting up the website in the first place. However, you always might not be responsible for duplicity because several unscrupulous marketers can also copy your content, if it has ranked your website higher, and eventually, outrank your website. Hence, Google Search Console Help Centre defines it as a block of content within or across domains, which either matches other content or is similar to it.

Understanding the shortcomings of that, the right SEO service in Delhi uses essential tools to detect plagiarized text. Several options are there when it comes to online plagiarism checker. While some of them are free of cost, others may offer a free trial. Listed below are some of the best tools that are also free of cost.


This solution is highly used by digital marketers around the globe as it is free and extremely helpful. Google query lists this solution as the top-rated online plagiarism checker. One can easily copy, paste, or upload text or simply add the URL of the webpage to check. After a deep search, it displays a comprehensive report, which entails plagiarism percentage, unique percentage, and related meaning percentage.

This solution is the next best option for identifying copied text because it has two different ways to go through the process of checking. One, copy/paste the content and two, URL of the webpage. This tool also discloses a unique and plagiarism percentage along with red-flagged duplicate sentences beside which is a compare button that leads to the site containing the same or similar copy.

Plagiarism Detector is the third most preferred tool among the SEO agents. Most like the previously mentioned solutions, this checker displays the fraction of the copy that is original and copied. Also, copied sentences are highlighted in red and their sources are given.


Unlike other tools, CopyScape doesn’t have a copy/paste or excludes the URL option. Those who seek to check whether their content matches that of the other websites or not must go for it. It does search by entering URL and displays content and websites that are similar along with duplicate sentences highlighted in red.


Like CopyScape, Siteliner too offers to check plagiarism by entering URL only. Once you enter the URL, it will scan all the pages under it and check if they are plagiarized. Rest is most like the other tools. The percentage of copied content and unique content, besides the source of duplicity, is displayed in the report.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative for an SEO service in Delhi to check the content regularly to ensure it is not being stolen, copied, or scraped. Getting a DMCA badge for the website helps keep scrappers and copiers at bay as they will take down all those websites that are copying from you but at a certain cost.


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