The Ultimate Revelation of Canned Water

The Story about Canned Water

Canned water has a rich history of being revolutionary in its development, initially, it was used as a storage pot for gallons of water in the time of the United States Civil Defence program since water is the biggest necessity in the world, it would provide an about a decade’s timeline of water storage possible in canned water.

Canned water companies then later on carried away experiments to use nitrogen flush in the hope of eradicating potential germs to push the storage life span, which was successful in letting them provide canned water to the public readily as the water could be contained for about 3 decades plus now.

What makes it different?

Well, one of the biggest reasons for the sudden shift towards aluminium canned brands is because of the prolonged shelf life it provides to canned water companies, not only that but it also can house different types of custom canned water types, like sparking or rain canned water without altering the original taste, freshness, and effectiveness on the same time plastic bottled water is only drinkable till six to twelve months.

They can recycle forever and be used multiple times rather than that plastic bottled water which not only is injurious to health but also to the earth, when you consume its water, you also intake tiny immovable plastic particles which become part of your food & drink chain, causing cancer, heart diseases and more, which is why it’s best to switch to aluminium canned water.

Only a fraction of the plastic bottles is recycled globally, leaving tons of plastic waste in the marine, killing all the sea life but also posing risk to humans in the form of fish with trails of plastic which has made seafood vulnerable for consumption.

What benefits does it provide?

Rain canned water provides you the opportunity to drink your water responsibly, without having to worry about the chain of harm it is going to strike on nature or even having to worry about finishing them in time.

Don’t even think that your water is going to leak and ruin your day, as the aluminium used is one of the most durable aluminium you can find so you enjoy your refreshing drink without worrying.

Where to buy canned water?

RAIN canned water provides you with the best-canned water, sourced naturally from the heavens, cleansed by the air, and gushed out by the stream pressure towards our cans.

Our water is balanced in the PH scale, freshly brought to you from the natural springs, with the taste of actual water only which can be immediately recycled into newer cans or tins without any harm to others.

The reusability factor of aluminium alone is a massive deal when gone in recycling without changing its nature when turned into liquid, no matter how many times done.

Our water is solitarily sourced, which is also our pride, it comes from Georgia springs which is also a state-maintained area.


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