The Ultimate Guide to Resurfacing Concrete

Is your concrete damaged or outdated? Do you need to make it look as good as new again? If you do, then all you have to do is resurface the concrete to restore its original glory. 

If you are looking to resurface the concrete on your patio, walkway, pool deck, patio, or any other place, here is your complete guide. Utilize these four steps for the perfect concrete resurfacing in Orange County

1. Cleaning 

Before you do anything, you have to prepare the concrete. One way to do this is by cleaning it so you can start working on it. Wear heavy and protective boots and use a pressure washer to clean away all the dirt. 

Keep in mind that you should keep the washer at least six to eight inches away from the concrete while cleaning. Besides that, your sweeps should be slow and even to clean the concrete perfectly. Doing so will remove all dirt and debris in no time. 

2. Patching 

After cleaning, while your concrete is damp, mix the resurfacer to fill any areas. Here is how you can perfectly patch a spalled area:

  • Mix one part water with seven parts resurfacer in a five-gallon bucket
  • Blend with a paddle mixer that is attached to a corded drill
  • Fill the spalled areas with the resurfacer
  • Make the area smooth with a finish trowel

After following these steps, give the concrete at least two to five hours to dry out and become hard again. A good rule of thumb is to check if the patch has an indent when you stand on it. Once it has no indents while standing, you can move on to step three. 

3. Spreading The Resurfacer 

It is now time to spread the resurfacer on the area you just worked. You can fill the joints of the walkway with peel-and-stick foam weather-stripping. You can also dampen the concrete if you think it is required. 

Keep in mind that the resurfacer will be workable for twenty minutes. That is why you should mix five and a half cups of water with half a bag of powder at a time. It will be enough to cover at least seventeen square feet of your area. 

4. Trowel

Finally, it is time to trowel out the resurfacer. You can spread it until it is ¼ or 1/8 inches thick. If you want the surface to have a slip-resistant finish, you need to wait five minutes and sweep a nylon bristle broom across the surface. You can also remove the weather-stripping after twenty minutes. 

Give the surface at least six hours before you start walking on it. You should also only cover the surface if there is a chance of rain during that time. Otherwise, you can leave it be. 

Final Words 

These are the top four steps you need to follow to resurface concrete in your home. Follow these guidelines, and your concrete will look as good as new in no time. 


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