The Most Popular Months To Divorce

The decision to divorce never comes as an easy one. While couples might have their family law attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina ready for months, they might choose a specific time to announce to their other loved ones that they will no longer be together. Most of these are chosen because of how it would affect the children. If you are a struggling parent planning to end your marriage soon, you should keep the following months in mind to see if it would be the right time to file your divorce papers.


January is a very popular month for divorce for a multitude of reasons. It is a time for new beginnings, which means some spouses will aim to reinvent themselves in the new year in more ways than one. Additionally, it is also one of the most depressing months of the year given how it is just after the holidays, a time where many couples can be pushed to their breaking point either from their stress or their demonstrated lack of commitment to each other. It also means that children will have more time to adjust to the separation as the year goes on. Most parents delay it here so they can have their kids not knowing it will be their last Christmas together.


Speaking of disappointing holidays, March is the month after Valentine’s Day. This popular romantic month may encourage others to bask in the spark of their relationships, but it could also ruin the chemistry some couples have in the process. People could also see March as a “new beginning” month like January when it comes to temperature. “Spring cleaning” might have more than one meaning since the weather is making it easier to move out of the house.


August marks the end of the summer and the start of the school year. While it may be stressful for children to start school with the families separating, many parents believe it is the best option to allow them more time to deal with the separation right at the beginning of the full year rather than the halfway point. Plus, it allows for families to spend one last summer break together as the parents meet with their family law attorney in Wilmington, North Carolina in the meantime. What better time to have your children learn the harsh truth than at a time where they are adjusting their brains to process large quantities of information?

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