The Lucky One – Vincent – 2

Way back, just after Christmas, in his last year of High School, he was in love with Connie.

He thought…guess not.

Vincent looked away from the photo as every second of that evening came marching in.  From the smiles and easy hugs, to the jokes and excitement.

They’d gone out before, he and Connie.  Nothing serious, casual stuff.   She was so pretty and he figured that first they would be friends, then step up.

He knew what happened when a guy moved too fast, it was a door slam.   He knew what happened when people dated and didn’t really know each other, it was a sharp shock.

So he had figured, be friends, casual platonic friends, then, at the right time…

He had imagined after the game they’d go to the hang out, have some chat, he’d walk her home, and then…

But he didn’t get to walk her home.  John, who had a car, would drop her home.


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Written by jaylar

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