The Lifespan Of Most HVAC Systems

Do you have an HVAC system that was recently installed? This may have been done by very reputable company. The installation process likely went very smoothly, and you will be very happy with the hot and cold air that it can produce. However, you may have to worry about the longevity of the equipment itself. Although they may have used one of the top manufacturers for the heater and AC unit, there are always problems that can arise. Click here to see an overview of what you can expect in regard to the lifespan of most HVAC systems, some of which can last a very long time.

What Causes HVAC Systems To Deteriorate

To understand how these can deteriorate over time, you must first understand what they consist of. This will include the heating system, air conditioning system, and the ducting that is used to disperse the hot or cool air throughout your home. The reason that these can begin to deteriorate is through a lack of maintenance. If you are not replacing the filters regularly, or if you are not having the HVAC team do annual maintenance, simple problems that could have been resolved can get much bigger.

Common Problems With HVAC Systems

There are quite a few issues that you may experience if you are using a full HVAC system in your home. This could include blocked vents or registers, a sluggish band, thermostat issues, leaky or blocked ducts, or even low refrigerant levels. Some of these problems are based upon human error, such as blocking the vents or intake inadvertently. However, problems related to refrigerant levels can lead to substantial problems. Your entire system could burn out if this is not regularly monitored. That’s why having regular maintenance is often required if you want to ensure that your HVAC system lasts as long as possible.

How Long Do They Typically Last?

There are several components to determining how long a standard HVAC system will last. It depends on the size of the system, how often it is used, and what manufacturers contributed to making all of the parts. If you are obtaining this from a well recognized company that produces HVAC systems, then the main problems that will lead to deterioration will be through neglect and overuse. If you happen to be in a very cold area of the country, or if your summer months are extremely hot, you are going to have a lot of problems. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your HVAC system regularly to extend its life as long as possible.

Whether you have a brand-new HVAC system, or one that you have had for years, regular routine maintenance checks are highly recommended. By identifying potential problems that can lead to more significant ones, this can extend the longevity of any heating and air conditioning system that you own. It is recommended that you do this at least once a year, but every six months would be better. These maintenance calls will only last for about an hour, and this will certainly add additional years to the HVAC system that you are currently using.


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