The Ex Part 1

We all tend to be Denial about something going on in our lives or something that is going on with ourselves. Denial can really take over the mind and just make us do all sorts of things that we wouldn’t normally do. An example is that we may stay in a relationship because we believe that person loves us when other around can see all of the signs.

This is one of the things that happened to a girl in a small town named Hannah Rose. She was with her fiance for about four years and then they decided to tie the knot, but what happens behind closed doors always comes to light in the end. Please take a seat, pop some popcorn, and enter into the world of “Denial” in the voice of Hannah Rose.


Hannah Rose had dark red hair and pretty green eyes she always got a lot of compliments from people in her hometown about how pretty she looked. One night at the bar she caught someone’s eye, his name was David Green. He was quickly drawn to Hannah’s pretty smile and beautiful red hair. They talked for a little bit and then they went back to his place to hang out some more. Hannah wasn’t ready at the time to commit to anyone or anything because she already had a lot of stuff going on.

She ended up moving really fast with David and just after four years of being engaged they got married. Everything was going well until one day David came home and started to hit on Hannah for no reason. He would call her names and just mistreat her like she was nothing. Hannah called her mom on several occasions but she continued to stay because he kept saying that he was sorry for what he had done.

Hannah believed him and they stayed together but the pain and anguish just kept on getting worse, so one night Hannah packed up and left while David was asleep. She moved back home and stayed with her mother Anna until she was able to find her own place. When David found out that she was gone he started looking for her. He took a trip to Hannah’s home and demanded to talk to her but her father and mother wouldn’t let him.

Hannah pulled up in the drive as he was walking away. She sat in the car frightened as David got into his truck and drove off. She sighed a huge sigh of relief but little did she know her life was going to come crashing down again.



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