Sun Tanned Back

She had been swimming for four days in a row.  Every morning, I would wake her up at 7am to prepare for her 8 o’clock morning swim.  Her training would last for 2 hours. Sometimes she would beg for half an hour to play on the pool.

Her trainings on the pool leave mark on her.  She became tanned.  And last night her brother was telling her that she has different marks on her back. He was laughing at her and making fun of her back that he even took a picture of her back.

She just laughed at her brother. She gamely showed her back and said to her brother.  “This is the evidence that I’ve been training. I am proud of my back because it probes that I am doing well in swimming. My goal is to give Mom a gold on the next competition. I had given her a bronze but it is not enough. I want to give her more. She had done a lot for us.  i her to be happy and proud of me. I love Mom so much!” Then she asked her brother.  “What about you, Kuya?” “Do you love Mom?” Her brother was caught off guard by her speech.

I realized that my daughter, at her young age is already aware of what is happening.  I cannot hide from her. I love her just as I love her brothers.


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