With the Internet boom in the past decade, huge volume of data is generated every minute. A customer checking for a product, online searches, transactions, form data are all instances from where raw data can be obtained. The traditional methods and tools for sorting this information are not sufficient. That is where data science comes into play. Applying the concepts of artificial intelligence and business analysis, data science uses various tools, machine learning and statistics to perform predictive analysis on data.

This industry is dynamic. Data Science is actually an old field, but it has grown to accommodate newer technologies such as cognitive computing, deep learning, cyber security, virtual realities, chat-bots and many more.

On a general level, data scientists with expertise in machine learning, analysis, statistics, computer science and communication are offered the most jobs. Machine learning is the development of computer algorithms which can read data from sensors or other sources and automatically predict their outcome.

Statistics and mathematics form the base of developing these algorithms. Communication, which may seem unimportant, is actually not so. Most stakeholders need the analysis results without heavy technical jargon.

For specific programming skills, Python is highly popular. Knowledge of Python and R is required for every job position. SQL database and knowledge of cloud computing comes next. Hadoop and Spark technologies which are based on Apache and are efficient data processing tools are also in demand. Additionally, it is also worthwhile to learn Java, SAS and Tableau to build a strong resume.


Top recruiting companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon along with thousands of other companies are constantly looking for expertise in various aspects of data science. An organized and systematic training will help you to strengthen your CV.

Investing in a data science training course demonstrates a person’s credibility and dedication towards a professional career. These candidates gain preference over non certified candidates. Also, learning the latest available trends and technologies in the field from a course is the most productive option.

MBA courses are also offered in data science. These courses combine the programming subjects with business management and economics and offer an insight into the business side of data analysis. MS courses in data science allow you to specialize in subjects such as algorithm analysis, computing structures, cyber-security, artificial intelligence and big data among others.


Some of the main factors leading to growth in this field include the data explosion from the huge data collected from mobile devices, understanding the importance of this technology, growing concern for the security of data, companies wanting to exploit the maximum potential of their business and significant research leading to cutting-edge technology.

It can be safely asserted that data science is a field which will witness exponential growth in the near future. Eventually, the demand for human labor will be replaced by the demand for individuals who could program and design for automation. This is the best possible time to pursue a career in data science with proper training.


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