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3:36 pm Monday, 01/15/17


Every time a robin comes close to me,

I know you are there watching over me.

I think of you Sebastian, and I sit in wonder,

At how brave you must have been,

Before you were drowned to death,

By your own father.


I think of you, how tall and strong you were,

How young you were, to defend your sister.

You brought joy to my heart when

You showed up near my front door,

As a black robin.


You showed up and brought instant

Joy to my heart.

You came to my rescue,

When she was yelling at me,

Like always.

As I sit here, by myself,

Near the trees,

Near the church,

I see another robin.


I think of you.

I think of how I wish I could have met you.

I think of how I wish you hadn’t been murdered at age 13.

My life would have been so different if you were in it.


Now I know how I got to be so brave.

Now I know, that we are so much like each other–

But you lost your life being brave.

I broke my back and gained weight.

Now I know I got it from the oldest of

My uncles, the first born, like me.

Now I know, I am just like you.

3:45 pm


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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