Sanctuary – 5

Every so often I’d get the image in my mind clear as t’were it before me. I prayed hard upon it, asking the memory be removed but it never left.

I read my Bible, I prayed until my knees were raw.

I told myself Vampires don’t exist and I must have seen something else. But it didn’t help, for I know what I’d seen.

Oh will never forget what these eyes saw.

I’d seen Moss flat out on the road, arms outstretched, dead for certain, and Parker lying there, while his blood was sucked from him by the fresh faced gentleman whose eyes had met mine.

Aye, his eyes hit mine, and me blood turned to ice, and me ran as never a man did run afore, and while I ran I called upon the Lord with every breath.

Aye, I know what I saw, I know that now, right now, that gentleman is out there, somewhere, waiting for me. Waiting to take my life, drink my blood, and go off, leaving me a corpse.


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Written by jaylar

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