Reasons ‌Learning English is a Problem for Students

Speaking English is a challenge for many students. Many lack a good command of it, while others do not feel at ease expressing themselves. Considering the current educational and work environment, everyone must understand and speaks this universal language. 

In particular, it plays a vital role in determining the success of students and working professionals. But why do students find this subject challenging? In this post, you’ll learn about why students find English challenging in their studies and the workable solutions. But first, let’s determine why it’s crucial.  

Why is English Essential for Students?

The English language is universal. Millions of people speak and understand it around the globe. It is impossible to expect anyone, particularly in a workplace, not to know this universal language. So, one must begin preparing for the competitive working environment early on. This preparation includes learning English during student life.

Among all the languages used in education, English is the most important. Several countries teach it as a second language. It dominates the learning and research fields. In this field, it has become an important language of communication. Despite this, it poses several challenges to students. 

Why Learning English is a Problem For Students

Students have problems learning English because of the following reasons:

Crowded Classrooms

Most lecturers devote themselves to each student and pay close attention to them. It can be challenging, especially when there are too many students and insufficient teachers in learning institutions. Teachers have a challenge evaluating how students pronounce words. 

Other times, tutors have difficulty pronouncing certain words, causing students to imitate the wrong thing. Because of this, some students find it challenging to learn English for various reasons. However, students can overcome this by complementing their studies with online study materials like these English course notes and summaries that can help them excel in their studies.

Not Seeking Help

Each person has a unique learning style. You might find something simple, but another might find it challenging. For this reason, you should never compare yourself with someone else. Sometimes, students may find it hard to understand certain concepts. 

Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, it would help to seek help from the right people and places. Some students, however, have difficulty learning English because they are reluctant to ask for help when they encounter problems.

Several Versions of English

Because of the lack of a universal version of English, most students struggle with learning it. Because several countries speak it, ‌there could be a significant difference in how people pronounce the words. Occasionally, some words have multiple meanings, which confuses students seeking to learn more about the language. 

No matter where you are from, it is sometimes difficult to learn English because of the significant difference in the way different people pronounce words. For example, British and American English speakers pronounce “water” differently.


The rules of phonetics do not apply to English because it is not a phonetic language. Often, you do not say words based on how you spell them. For example, “I will read a book today” and “I read an interesting book yesterday” use the same letters but are pronounced differently.

Words like ‘read’ (heteronyms) — words that share the exact spelling but have unique spoken sounds can confuse beginners. The term ‘tear’ is another example of a heteronym. It is, therefore, possible either to say, “I have a tear in my eye,” or “I have a tear in my almost new sweater.”

One of the best ways to resolve students’ problems when speaking English is to watch movies in English. Your speaking skills improve when you hear words spoken out loud. Practice is super important. Don’t give up, no matter what obstacles life throws your way.


You can overcome all the problems in learning English by practicing as much as possible in an environment full of like-minded speakers. It may not be easy to understand for many, but a few things can help. English, for example, has no gender for nouns. It is only necessary to learn three basic tenses. It simplifies a lot of things when you consider these aspects.

Don’t expect to become fluent in English overnight. In any situation, it’s important not to give up. You can learn it excitingly if you can overcome the problems associated with this endeavor.


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