Razors and The War on Pesky Stubble

Men and women battle unwanted hair quietly and with persistence. Faces, legs, under arms, unsightly hair has to go. We don’t talk about it often, but hair removal is a necessary evil.  We employ all manner of methods to rid ourselves of unwanted hair, but most often we end up using some form of the hand razor.

The Painful History of Shaving

The first flint razors date way back to 30,000 bc. Razors were identified as far back as the Bronze cultures. These razors were crafted from bronze or obsidian and were typically oval in shape.

Pictures in prehistoric caves depict people shaving with the help of clam shells, flint and, surprisingly enough, shark teeth to tackle undesirable body hair.

It is said that Napoleon preferred his shaves to be done with tweezers (ouch!). Others in this era just rubbed unwanted hair off using a pumice stone. (Picture this!)

A Whole New World

In 1847 William Hensen of Sheffield, England invented the handy hoe shaped razor.  Shaving became a much safer and more pleasant activity. King Camp Gillette entered the scene, took Hensen’s invention, and cranked it up a notch, immortalizing his surname forever by inventing the double-edged, portable, disposable razor in 1895.  This improvement eliminated the need for repeat blade sharpening, freed harried folks time and secured his fortune.

Automation is Always Better

What could be better than a safe shave? An electric shaver! Why shave by hand if you can create a machine? Enter into razor ancestory one Jacob Schick with his 1928 invention of the electric razor which hit shelves in 1931.  Priced at a handsome $25 a pop ($360 equivalent to today’s value) 3000 units sold in the first year.

I still prefer a trusty hand razor and  a sharp new blade.  I’ve tried all manner if disposable blades, from cheap dollar store to  more expensive brands believing you get what you pay for and even trued the razors with built in shave cream. I came across The Dollar Shave club online and have been a happy member for a year. My $6 blades are shipped every other month and I absolutely fell in love with the Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter ($8)  I can adjust my deliveries to meet my consumption and have extra items added for free delivery with my box.  I am set for every other month, but actually I have a sizable stockpile.  Your first box comes with a free handle.

Refer your friends and get free razors.

Looking for more tips? Here is a quick video to help you select your next razor.

The Best Razors of 2016

What’s your favorite blade, Portable or electric?


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