According to psychologists wage is good and healthy, a lot of people crying are special. Next time you’re on the verge of tears, remember these few things about crying. Crying reduce stress – if you are a person who can sleeve emotions out, then it will be easier to cope with difficult life situations. After the “pay off their”, you will feel relieved and will be able to more clearly see the situation that tvam forced tears to my eyes. You show that you are not afraid of your own feelings – crying is also a sign that you are not afraid of what you feel. Crying is a sign that you accept their vulnerability and sensitivity. This is a sign that you are a strong person and to call things by their proper names. Crying is also a sign of a healthy heart and brain. Show how brave you – people who show their emotions are brave and authentic. It is more important for them to live their truth, than to worry what others will talk about them. In addition they know that others love to more often show their true feelings (even through tears), but dare not because they have to maintain a self-image that you have created.


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