President Donald Trump approved US defense budget

Washington: US President Donald Trump has signed a record $ 716 billion record defense budget for the next fiscal year. The US President has declared this budget as the most important US investment in modern history and the US Senate approved defense budget in the first week calendar month.

The US defense budget does not cover the defense requirements only, but also the main defense policies of the region. This year, traditional defense budget has made substantial changes, Due to which the Defense Budget was presented in the Senate in the name of ‘National Defense Authorization Act’. It was approved by 87 votes compared to 10.

In this budget, the US has reduced military aid for Pakistan US $ 75 million to US $ 15 million in defense budget.The US is clearly looking to support India in defense policies. In this defense budget it has decided to manufacture more modern models of US Army’s tanks, war planes and fighting ships, instead of maintaining old tanks and ships, while there will increase in US army Salaries 2.6 % and 15 thousand 600 Army person will be added to US army.

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