Online Platforms to Sell Jewellery Online and Make Money

If we talk about online, every industry has gone digital as it is very convenient for the seller as well as the consumers. Today accessorize has become a must-have in one’s wardrobe and now almost every online websites are selling a variety of designs at a decent price.

Before knowing how to sell jewellery online it is really important for you to know why you should sell jewellery online?

Fashion being a billion-dollar industry, why can’t you butt in?

When it comes to designing, the best part is crafting has no limitations. In the process of making jewellery, you can put your imagination into a physical form and today’s era is all about originality and exclusivity.

How to sell jewellery online?

No doubt the industry and competition are huge that might throw a lot of challenges on your way. However, your right strategic e-commerce tools can help grow your business.


Can you execute a plan or project without having proper knowledge about it? No, right? Similarly, before launching your store online you need to do some digging and know about the trends of all top-notch e-commerce websites. Have a brief look at their website design, marketing content, smooth cart functionality, variety of products they offer their customers.


Unique selling proposition is a factor that makes your product stand out from other equivalent products on the market

Website design                                                                                                                          

Makes sure that navigating through your website is easy from the homepage till the time of checkout. Secondly, trust buildup is really important because nowadays there are many fake websites also which attract customers with heavy discounts and carry out many fraud activities. You can do that by including the reviews section or product details, adding the COD option in the payment section, or even try and buy options.

Price point                                                                                                                                 

There are many options for customers to choose from. Hence, it’s really important to put decent prices for your product which is payable for them for that product.

SEO features                                                                                                                              

These are really important as they would support your online business’s marketing strategies, backend operations and security measures.


Make sure that you choose a carrier that is a well established and trustworthy medium for example, FedEx, which works in delivering the product to the customer’s doorstep.

All these steps are important but if you want to sell your products on pre-established websites, this option is also available. Websites like- Amazon, Myntra, Shopify, Flipkart, eBay and many more. One of the biggest advantages in taking this path is that you don’t have to work on the image building of your website and these website’s pre-existing loyalty towards customers would help you.

How to sell gold jewellry online?

You need to follow the same steps as mentioned above but there’s one major factor that caters the need of a customer while buying gold is trust because it’s quite evident that if someone if spending huge amount he/she deserves to get a good quality product as promised by the website.

One concern is that some websites don’t sell what is shown in pictures; sometimes the ornaments look different in the display pictures and different in person which can be a big turn off for our audience. So, in order to sell jewellery online one needs to have authenticity and unique designs at the market price.

In order to do that some websites like ‘Tanishq’ have offered the option of ‘try and buy’ viz you select the products from the online catalogue and add to your cart and they will come at your place and then you can see the jewellery in person.

 I believe that this is very smart of them as even today many people like to personally visit the store and buy jewellery specifically when we talk about gold jewellery.


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