Not a Worthy Phrase

I truly enjoy the English language and the evolution of new words, twists in meaning and how quickly things change. It’s not that I love all the words and changes, and still that it is very alive and new words and phrases are created every day inspires me.

I am not fond of “sorry, not sorry”. It doesn’t have a place in my home. It doesn’t have a place in my writing and I even stopped purchasing a major brand item because they used it in a commercial. (Halloween will never be the same.) I find the phrase to be negative, hurtful and misuse of an important word.  I think it falls into the category of “bitter sarcasm” and I never advocate for such a thing.

No, I am not the word police. (No one has ever given me a badge.) Still I think the discussion of words and their meaning is important.

For me, if you hear the words “sorry”, I am.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter