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I am still me.  I may look a little different, but I am the same at my core.  I may not be a push over, like most people seem to think.  They take one look at me, and decide I am a push over.  That’s their fault, not mine.  I guess they were just hoping I would be a push over.  Aww….too bad.  (For them, not me).

I don’t aim to please anyone, so if anything I write offends you, please be excused.

I am still a feminine woman with a grunge metal streak.  I have been since the late ’90’s.  I might appear to be soft all the time, but I am not.  I am strong willed, and once I find out you have been a take, all bets are off.

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I have had to adapt, not because I am any different, but rather, because the world has asked me to adapt.

I am more in tune with other people’s intentions, and the fact that they don’t always have the best of intentions for me, at heart.  If you are not trying to help me, you are just hurting me.  If you don’t prescribe a supplement you know I need, you are just obstruction my health progress.  That makes you evil.

So, I have had to listen to my own heart, in order to brake the thinly placed veil on the surface of all the fake people that try to trick me.  Bad people are everywhere.  If you have tried to take advantage of me, you are a bad person.  You know who you are.

But I can adapt.  I can flow with life, in the direction it was destined to take me, from the very beginning.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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