Making Circles – 7

My mother, all the parents, knew that the High School, to prevent the usual trauma of the Prom, had done its own computer match making. A big deal was made out of it, but I knew this was just hype.

Kids were sort of lumped by community so that the Limo could pick up two or three couples, bring them to the school, and go back for more, so kids were more matched in their area then by their compatibility.

Some kids withdrew their names as they wouldn’t be going to the Prom, some had a sexual preferences,  so it was a bit of a mess. And some actually had dates.

Telling my mother that a bunch of us had opted out and were meeting at Laurie’s to do our own matching was no stun. The fact that no boy was coming to my front door with a corsage to take me to the Prom was explained.

We would meet at Laurie’s and leave from there. This was not a complete lie.

Shaun did ask me to go with him to the Prom. He asked me because Laurie was going with Jack. Laurie, my Bestie was going with Jack and if Shaun went with me, he’d be breathing the same air as Laurie.

It was better my mother didn’t see the farce of my ‘Prom Date’  for I was using all my skill to lie to myself.


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