Making Circles – 3

If you are wondering why I was so concerned about Laurie, I wasn’t. I never was. I needed a door into the cool kids world. I wanted to be part of the group which was invited to all the best functions.

Laurie was my free pass.

I pretended I liked her. It was not easy to like someone as self concerned as Laurie.

In public she’d play the role of the interested, friendly, charming girl, and captivated everyone who saw her.

In private she was petty, spoiled, full of gossip, a complete opportunist. She would find out what the ‘keywords’ were for everyone, and would use them. She would emulate interests that others had to get their attention and affection. Once she ‘had’ you, the best you might get from her were scraps, because Laurie was always looking for someone else.

Her parents, wisely, kept her on a short leash. She was not allowed to be out on school nights. She could not think of dating. Her parents needed to know where she was at all times. If she said she was going with me to the movie on Sunday, they would drop us and pick us up.

During the vacations they would take her on some journey, whether visiting relatives or going to some motel somewhere. Laurie’s parents were stricter than mine, but then, my parents had nothing to worry about.


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