The Love of Your Life is Waiting For You!

You have been waiting all your life to meet the right person. You have been wondering why you have not met someone who has worked out for the long-run. You have done this because in the mist of finding yourself through others/lovers, and general challenges – you have changed. We are meant to change or grow,  and you meet others that have to change too. They have to become who they are trying to be, and you will have to learn to be on your own again.  It is time to part so you may discover more.

You have mistakenly believed that there has been this one person your whole life waiting for you – and the truth is – is that we have someone waiting for us within different stages of our lives from different people. There isn’t one person outside somewhere that can withstand everything you need to be – unless they stayed out of fear of loneliness – or for the kids, which they simply decided it was wrong to move on. The love of your life is YOU. This soul has been with you the whole time…but lost. Stop searching and start appreciating – lovers will come and go as you get older – and if you choose to, one in the end will finally stay until your death.


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Written by EvieTijerina

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