Lay down on a Cloud a pillow for my head

Lay down on a cloud

A pillow for my Head

Kick a Star and Run

Down a rainbow near my Bed

I didnt reach the Comet

but a lovely dream instead.

Do you have a Cloud

gentle and bending

cuddling and reaching

humble not Proud

Then your sleep

will be Satin

and smoother than a Hat in

a magical Show

the white rabbit will Smile

when you dream for a While

and you wake ready to Make

and a universe

that only you can Dial

What do you think?

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Written by Johndavisnearby

LET loose the Night
to play its strings in my Heart
the Music of the Ages
has a Beat from the Start
A Tit a Tat
and the Tap of a Shoe
Even the Muses listen to YOU
A Lute a Flute
Cello and violin Too
O Night of the Soft Winds
the children of Earth
Listen to YOU

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