Indian Biometric Market – Opportunities and Forecast, 2020-2027

The Indian biometric market report, published by GMI Research, provides extensive insight and analysis of the Indian biometric market over the forecast period (2020-2027). The report primarily focuses on the key business financials, product portfolio, expansion strategies, and recent developments in the Indian biometric market. The research report also studies the competitive environment of the Indian biometric market based on the company profiles and their efforts on increasing product value and production.

Leading Players in the Indian Biometric Market

The notable players in the Indian biometric market include eSSL securities, Matric Telecom Security, Honeywell Automation India Ltd., 4G Identity solutions Ltd., IDEMIA, HID India Pvt. Ltd., NEC, Zicom Electronic security systems Ltd., Gemalto, and Biomatiques among others.

Key Drivers in the Indian Biometric Market

The biometric market in India is experiencing strong demand over the forecast period due to the long-standing problem of identity proof, which is unique to every individual and the increasing requirement for technologically advanced security and surveillance. The emerging trend of epassport and eVisa is also another factor that is boosting the demand of the Indian Biometric market over the coming years. Additionally, the biometrics technology is being used across several applications such as law enforcement, healthcare, personal and national security, and governance. Biometrics identification and security system have become an essential part of electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. The increasing sale of electronic products has also surged the demand for the biometric market in India.

Various government initiatives to utilize biometric technology in different national-level policies and identification applications. India’s AADHAR project is a benchmark example of this system and by far the largest biometric identification system in the world. Numerous financial institutions such as the banks are in the process of converting their customer base identification through biometrics. All these factors will drastically increase the demand of the market over the coming years. Furthermore, the reducing prices of the biometrics technology is accelerating its adoption and driving its growth in the process.

With the coming of coronavirus crisis, the market for biometrics systems has got into the spotlight for early detection, patient screening, and public safety monitoring to minimize the spread of COVID-19. In addition to this, the accelerating application of biometrics in face recognition and surveillance operations systems to detect individuals who are not wearing protective masks will further encourage numerous end users to opt for this technology, thereby accelerating the demand of the biometric market in India.

Market Segmentation

Indian Biometric Market by Type:

  • Behavioural
    • Signature
    • Voice
    • Others
  • Physiological
    • Face
    • Fingerprint
    • Hand
    • Iris
    • DNA
    • Others

Indian Biometric Market by End User:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Units
  • Public and Private Offices
  • Others

Indian Biometric Market by Functionality:

  • Unimodal
  • Multimodal

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