How to Start a Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

What is blog?

 Blogging … For everyone who faces with the worldwide network, this word is known. We visit a lot of sites, blogs, portals, online stores and every year their amount increases, as well as the number of users on the Internet. So, what is a blog and who are bloggers?

Blogs are websites, the main content of which is regular postings with records, pictures, videos, and multimedia content. Most often the blog is the creation of one participant. It can be a diary, a journal, a collection of competent advice, professional or amateur notes on one or another topic.  The list of topics can vary: cooking, politics, fashion, sport, traveling, etc. Special popularity has topics related to education like “do my research paper for me” and so on.

Unlike social networks, where your content lives for several days, articles over the years have been attracting new readers. As long as people use search, blogs do not lose their relevance. In addition, content marketing is now gaining popularity. A site with useful articles is one of its types.

The blog is not only a way to tell the world about everything that interests you, but also a perspective area for earning money. Thousands of people right now make money with their blogs. Blogging is really cool investments of time and forces, a powerful tool for both an average person and business.

The purpose of blogging.

Today blog, as a phenomenon, has become so popular that the reason for its creating can be almost anything. So, what does a blog do? In addition to the obvious advantages in the form of increased sales, with the help of the blog you can:

Create an image of an expert. When you start the blog, you are an expert in a particular field by default. But the need to regularly create new content leads to the fact that you begin to absorb more information, conduct experiments and observations, structure your knowledge, thereby transforming from a regular expert to the mega expert.

Better understand your audience. The blog is a good opportunity not only to tell your story but also to hear your readers in the comments. Their questions are new topics for articles. It also gives you an opportunity to look for like-minded people and friends. For example, gamers, travelers, young mothers, philatelists, cooks and interpreters from Hindi have their own blogs.

Learn to highlight important things. To write good texts, you need to filter the information carefully. You cannot post articles about every event or thought. Blogging is an ongoing process of selecting a topic.

To form a personal brand. Creating cool content, developing your blog allow you, as no other tool to demonstrate your result, become famous. And this is nothing more than the formation of a personal brand. By working on your brand, you are not just raising confidence in yourself; you become the leader of your thoughts, which other people listen and guide.

To set up high standards for yourself / business. As soon as you start your blog, you begin to transmit your principles and values into the world, publicly formulate the rules that you have to follow. It is impossible to talk about the benefits of early waking up or active lifestyles, and at the same time, every night to watch the TV till late. The blog is a public challenge that you throw for yourself.

To receive income. Public blogs, which thousands of visitors read every day, bring their owners a decent amount of money. Interesting and high-quality content, your expertise allows you to create the most diverse sources of income.

It seems, that these are rather powerful arguments to think seriously about starting of a personal blog.

How to start a blog step by step?

First of all, you need to define your goals clearly: what is the purpose of your blog? Who will read your posts? Who, besides you, is interested in the subject of the site? If all these questions are well-grounded and have definite answers, feel free to start creating a resource. To make it easier, you can follow the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Define the topic.

The topic that is close to you will stimulate you to develop yourself. It will be interesting for you to reveal new aspects, go deep into the details and solve complex problems. Do a blog, immediately aiming for a profit is a wrong approach. Firstly, fill up your site with high-quality content, engage your target audience and learn the experience of successful bloggers. To create a blog without defining the direction – a frequent mistake for beginners.

Step 2. Choose the domain and hosting.

The domain is the name of your blog, or rather, the address of your resource on the Internet. The domain consists of the name and zone in which it is located. When you choose the name, you need to find a good hosting provider on the Internet and register domain for your site (www. Com / / org …) and buy the hosting. Hosting is a service of the physical placing of the blog on a server that has a permanent connection to the network. In fact, this is the place where your site is located. Beginner bloggers often use free hosts, but such resources have a number of limitations.

Step 3. Decide on the site design.

The design of the blog largely depends on the capabilities of the server on which it is created. Platforms offer several ready themes or templates that you can use as layouts.

Step 4. Select a platform and set up a blog.

For today WordPress is practically the non-alternative system for conducting blogs and other resources. To add a variety of interesting features to the blog WordPress provides the ability to install different plug-ins. You can add social buttons, improve the layout, add pop-ups, banners, hide part of the content, insert registration forms, etc.

Step 5. Write and publish your first post.

It’s time to fill up your blog with quality content. Posts should go out regularly, but do not forget about quality. For this select the valuable topic you want to open, design it in the form of an article, add a post on the site and publish it.

So, to become a successful blogger, do not necessarily own literary or any other talent. All that is needed is patient, purposeful and competent blogging that is interesting to readers.

Bio: I’m Christine, I’m a journalist. I used to see the meaning of life in creating news so that people knew the whole truth. I tried to work promptly, impartially and qualitatively. Now I’m writing a blog in which I describe about my experience and knowledge. If you ask me “do my research paper for me” I can help you. I hope this will be useful to someone.


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