How to Rock Singleness this Holiday Season

Attending a couple-filled holiday cocktail party stag might have you feeling like there’s nothing worse than being single during the “most wonderful time of the year.” But the truth is, there are countless advantages to being single this holiday season. And it’s much better to wait for your person than to rush into a serious relationship or marriage too soon.

Not so sure? Read on to learn why you should feel confident in your singleness this Christmas.

More time with your family

Often times, being in a serious relationship means flying across the country to spend the holidays with your partner’s family. If you’re in a relationship, hopefully, you and your partner have found a good compromise when it comes to splitting your holiday time between families– but if you’re single, this isn’t even a conversation that has to be had.

In other words, when you’re single, you can spend your holiday vacation time exactly where you want to. And you know what they say… there’s no place like home for the holidays!

Less holiday shopping

Ask anyone in a relationship, there’s nothing more frustrating than shopping for a partner who “who already has everything (they) need.” When you’re dating someone you often have to watch their every move–and every Google search– to know what they might want for Christmas.

And hey, less time spent gift shopping means more time spent getting into the holiday spirit. If you’ll be single for the holidays this year, grab a cup of hot cocoa, your favorite Christmas movie, and remember all the goodness that comes with being single over the holidays.

It’s a great time to meet people

Ok, so let’s say you don’t mind traveling over the holidays and you’re super into gift shopping. And, most of all, you’re beyond ready to find your soulmate…

Sound familiar? If this is you, then why not see this uber social time of year as an opportunity to meet prospective partners. You know that tree lighting ceremony you were contemplating skipping? Go. Or that NYE wedding three states away that you’ve been dreading? Go. Or the seven holiday cocktail parties on your calendar? Go. How about your city’s local production of The Nutcracker that you thought about skipping?

You get the point. If you really want to meet someone, there’s no better time of year. Make it a point to attend every holiday event on your calendar… because who knows who you’ll meet along the way?

Content in your singleness this holiday season? That’s wonderful, you should be!

Here are some more ideas of things you can do on your own this holiday season:

  • Treat yourself to a mountain weekend getaway
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Build a snowman
  • Attend a tree lighting
  • Take yourself out to a nice dinner
  • Cozy up by the fire
  • Read a book
  • Do a puzzle

And last but not least, go out into the world and enjoy all of the activities couples do this time of year– holiday parties, dinners, shows, nothing is off limits!


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