How to Contact Medical Malpractice Lawyers for a Free Consultation

If looking for information about contacting medical malpractice lawyers for a free consultation, it’s essential to understand what constitutes a medical malpractice case and what kinds of cases are not covered.

First, several potential malpractice cases qualify for compensation, and not all of them. If the doctor made an honest mistake and did not intend to harm or injure anyone, this is not considered medical malpractice. Malpractice occurs when the doctor fails to warn a person about potential health risks or fails to disclose information about past errors or complications; one could also sue for this.

An individual should also be aware that some injuries are not eligible for compensation – many childhood injuries fall into this category. For example, suppose a child was born with brain defects due to genetics or prenatal problems; one cannot hold the doctor responsible for the injury because he was unavailable during the child’s prenatal care.

Step 1

Finding an attorney for a medical malpractice case can be difficult. Attorneys who handle these cases usually work on contingency, meaning they get paid only if the person wins the case. But before talking to them about the case, it is essential to understand what they do.

The best way to find an experienced medical malpractice attorney is by asking people who have been involved in similar cases for referrals from their attorneys. One could also ask people at local hospitals or doctors’ offices for recommendations. 

A person can also use the Internet to find a medical malpractice attorney. Some websites connect patients with lawyers who can help them, while others are general legal directories where to search by speciality or location.

Step 2

Contact the attorneys to discuss the situation. A person doesn’t have to hire an attorney, and nothing will be finalized unless one agrees to it. Someone can also speak with them over the phone or online via email, chat rooms or video conferencing. However, it’s easier to contact the lawyer and arrange for a meeting having all information organized ahead of time.

Step 3

A lawyer will likely ask a person to sign a fee contract if one has a case. The contract should state the hourly rate to be charged for the attorney’s services, an estimate of how much time will be needed to complete the case and any other fees involved (e.g., medical expert fees or court costs). The contract should also indicate what happens if the lawyer can’t finish the case or if it receives money from a settlement or verdict.

Step 4

The lawyer will investigate the case and gather evidence if necessary. One must provide all relevant medical records, bills, etc., as soon as possible so the attorney can best represent you. An individual should also provide the names and contact information of any witnesses who might help with the case.

Step 5

If one decides to pursue legal action against the responsible party, the attorney will negotiate on the person’s behalf or file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Many medical malpractice lawyers will be happy to provide a free consultation to determine whether or not they think the person has a winning case. Also, if a person has a case for medical malpractice, the best thing to do is contact multiple medical malpractice attorneys. To contact a lawyer for a free initial consultation and learn more about the legal process, enter the zip code into the box on their website, and they’ll get in touch.


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