How To Be More Stylish: Guide For Men

It is advised by legends to always follow the three rules, “Do well, live well, and dress really well,” because that’s the first form of impression you have on fellow human beings.

It is not a 3-piece suit that defines a well-dressed notion but, dressing is a skill that works on trial and error. Here is a comprehensive guide for men that illustrates a few tips on how to escalate your styling game.

Elegance begins with health

The foremost thing to take care of is health. A sound mind resides in a healthy body. Regularly assess your weight, diet, physiological parameters, skin conditions, and hair thinning.

In cases of malfunctioning, many questions may arise, such as gym requirements to bodybuilding lovers,  quarterly full body checkups, physician consultation, and peculiar queries like how much does a hair transplant cost may also pop up to people with heavy hair fall.

Recognize the issue and tackle it with suitable methods and then analyze your body build, color palettes of choice, and classic clothing and accessorizing styles to begin the fashion show.

Identify your style

Many men may complain that they have not yet identified their style, but that’s a silly thought process that is blinding them from visualizing the real self. 

Everyone has look preferences and inclination towards a certain set of clothes, colors, and assemblages. This is the precursor of your style, which will be refined timely to achieve the appearance of your choice.

A tip to retain here is to always be in touch with friends, fashion enthusiasts, and celebrities that inspire your fashion sense and also experiment with combinations and vibes. The beginning might be jerky because change is a hard-to-accept concept. But keep upgrading each time.

Refine your wardrobe

Everyone’s wardrobe is different, and so is life. Firstly, arrange it and then see the present collection. Scrutinize your wardrobe and evaluate what kind of clothes are lacking and what kind of them look best on you.

Break the cycle by arranging it not only on occasions but also on regular days. Style basic clothes with trendy ones and vice-versa. By doing so, styling won’t be a special job for you.

Some clothes are not a run for the money, so shop as per your budget. Always have a knack for shopping while walking around in the market. You never know what piece of dressing may have struck you coincidently. 

Fit is the key

Clothes that follow men’s body patterns add value to their charm. The right fit enhances the overall presentation and augments visual points to the show. 

Firstly, be kind enough to identify your body proportions and work on them to achieve desirable sizes. Then, while trying out clothes, do not hesitate to attempt sleek body-fit designs.  Assess accordingly to decide the final view.

Experiment with theme

Some men prefer classic three pieces, whereas others prefer to add floral shirts to them. Similarly, few people like to switch themes as per need, and others keep it general.

Assort your liking, whether you prefer printed or tailor-made t-shirts, half shirts or full shirts, well bottoms or narrowed pants, tie or bow, vibrant colors or neutral palette and last but not the least, testing with all kinds of probable combinations which can be made from the available set of clothing. Experiment all the time to fine-tune your dressing skills.

Get your hands on accessories such as classic watches, lockets, rings, etc., to finish the final appearance. Always choose classics over trends to avoid getting cliche as the middle name. Pun intended!

Shoes are influential

Shoes are an integral part of the dressing. Similar to women, men too have a huge collection of shoes to choose from. They are also considered a symbol of details that sharpens the overall look from head to toe.

Synchronize your clothing game with the shoe style. Invest in comfortable shoes that are durable and easy to maintain. 

And lastly, one of the most important ingredients to men’s style is confidence. Always remember, the real fashion is not in making expensive clothes good on you but carrying the cheapest of clothes and shoes with an eye-catching audacity that you own the room.


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