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Hello my friends. How am I doing now? Well my friends just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago because I went in to the emergency room because of the cellulitis that I had on the side of my leg and they had put lotion on my leg where the cellulitis was and I had a really bad allergic reaction. I had huge blisters all over my leg and these weren’t just so you know nice style blisters they were like from the tip of my knee all the way down to my ankle all over the place on my leg and it was very painful. I guess I should have sued them but neither one of us knew that I was allergic to that kind of lotion so I didn’t sue probably a good thing I would have lost anyway lol. That’s just got scabs all over but it’s feeling a lot better not so much pain anymore but still got a long road to go before it’s all healed up but I would like to know how you are all doing sorry I haven’t been on here for quite a while I’ve been really busy trying to get my grandkid from the CTS workers (social workers). Trying to deal with that and my daughter losing her son to the CPS workers because of some of the stuff that she’s done that is not good so she lost her son and I’m trying to get getting back to the family and that’s where he belongs his with his family at least that’s what I believe he belongs with me and I miss that little booger he’s my little angel boy. I love him and miss him so much I miss his laughs and giggles and the way he trying to walk even though he’s only like 10 months now I get a little bit of I got five minutes of visitation online. Woo-hoo, five minutes of visitation what can you do in 5 minutes of visitation not much but that’s all they’re letting me right now with the coronavirus crap going around. Can’t wait until this coronavirus thing gets done and over with I hope it’s soon that it gets done and gone I miss going out outside and going somewhere with this quarantine thing I can’t handle it I don’t have the coronavirus but you can’t go out without trying to get it I miss going to see my grandson I miss him so much. I’m hoping to get my grandson very soon I hope. I’ll let you guys all go now Hector, can you guys in the air off. Well, thank you for reading this and God bless you all. Stay safe my friends.


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