Hoooo hummm Anybody Home?

I understand the need to change and fix things. I don’t understand the need not to communicate. My Grandson reminded me that I might feel better if I played the “what if” game. It typically does help so here is how it goes. You think and write down every possibility however unlikely until you are at peace with the situation.  You can certainly join in comments if you have some “what if’s” of your own that you want to add. I will start my list right here!

1. What if we aren’t hearing anything because the owner doesn’t speak English and his translator is out of town?

2. What if we aren’t hearing anything because the whole staff has been kidnapped and they don’t know how to post a ransom note?

3. What if they got so tired of hearing from Trenna they are taking the next three weeks off.

4. What if they got called mean names and just released the whole situation?

5. What if they were hacked by Trump because “someone” always says mean things?

6. What if no one here has a sense of humor and it will always be this way?



What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter