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Do you keep notes, drawings or letters that people give you? 

Yes, I do. The notes, drawings and reminders have so many memories associated with them and so I keep them. However, in this digital age, the trend of giving letters or cards etc is on the decline and I hardly get any now.

How many true best friends are present in your life? 

Only two!

Do you currently have a significant other? 

No, I have not.

Would you be able to stand being in the same room as someone you hate? 

Yes, I can manage that. Though I may not be very comfortable but I can still be with someone I hate in the same room. I am learning to accept people and situations as they are to retain my peace of mind.

Do you depend on people at all, in any way? 

Humans are called social animals. The reason is that we are inter-dependent. I am quite independent but still I rely on my parents for love and support.

Have you ever lost a close friend? 

Yes, I have. Someone I considered a very close and good friend is not a friend anymore. I found that she was just using me for her own gains and had been frequently lying to me. When I confronted her about the lies, she stopped talking to me. Now I realize that she wasn’t a friend in the true sense.

Has anybody ever held a grudge against you for a dumb reason? 

Yes. My ex-boss wanted me out of the company only because I was considered close to the previous boss. He never trusted me and from day one, he started making my life miserable.

Have you ever stayed up late talking to someone you like on the phone or online? 

Many times. I even talk to my best friend late at night many times. Sometimes talking to a friend is the only therapy you need.

Have you ever felt backstabbed by a close friend? 

Sadly yes. I considered my ex-colleagues as very good friends but they all betrayed me when I was facing troubles at work. I realized they pretended to be friends to me only till I was the one doing their appraisals.

Have you ever regretted ignoring anybody? 

No. I generally don’t ignore anyone but if I do so, it’s always due to some solid reason.

Has a friend of yours ever confessed their love to you? 


Have you written or drawn anything for somebody else? 

I wrote a poem for my friend on his birthday last year. We have been friends for almost a year and a half. He is like my mentor and spiritual guide. 

Do you tend to hide your emotions from certain people? How do you hide them? 

Sometimes I do. I try to pretend that I don’t care for the fear of being hurt or rejected.

Do your friends know how to make you smile in tough times?

Yes, my close friends do.

Could you picture yourself on a reality TV show?

No. I can’t argue and fight like the participants do in reality shows.

Are you better at drawing or coloring?

I am better in drawing.

Do you prefer meat or seafood?

Neither. I am a vegetarian.

Have you ever read the Bill of Rights / Declaration of Independence? 

Yes. We read about our constitution during school.

Would you rather become a police officer or a firefighter?

I think police officer.

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